News and links for early October 2012

There was a native orchid display down the road for one September weekend. Here are two photos from the display section:

And here’s a photo from the sales section, followed by one of the orchid I bought (shown here on my kitchen windowsill).

I bought the orchid (dendrobium delicatum) as a gift for my mother, who excitedly requested it when I mentioned the orchid display was on. Her birthday is today as I write this, the 7th of October. I haven’t had a chance to hand it over yet, but Dad will be in town Monday night (arriving home from a work trip to Papua New Guinea) so I’ll get him to deliver it. Meanwhile the orchid’s flowering season has ended, but with any luck the flowers will be back next year.

Incidentally, in a frivolous mood I was inspired to compose lyrics for a song to sing to your plants. Lyrics below, plus a recording, added later.

We’ll grind all the humans to powder
And sprinkle them onto the ground
But first we’ll let their screams grow louder
And savour that heavenly sound.



Here is a recording of some kookaburras from a September walk in Shepherds Hill Recreation Park.


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