My other sites

Here are some places where you can find me (and things I’ve created) elsewhere on the Internet.

The names I use

I use a number of different names on different sites:

  • Adrian Morgan — My real name.
  • Flesh-eating Dragon — explained on the very first post on this blog.
  • 8’FED — short for eight foot tall flesh-eating dragon (see above).
  • Zerrakhi — a fictional character from a couple of stories I wrote as a teenager and in my early twenties.
  • GoldHoarder — originally created for Twitter, to invoke the idea of sharing interesting links (hoarding the gold of the Internet).

(Incidentally, not every GoldHoarder on the Internet is me. There is a GoldHoarder on Youtube who is not me, and I’ve also spotted other GoldHoarders on Livefyre and Kinja.)

My website

My website serves as a companion to this blog, containing things that can’t be shared directly on a blog. For example, check out Elemental, a solitaire card game I invented, or my science history trivia quiz, covering the years from 1950 to 2010.

Social media, etc

  • On Twitter, I am GoldHoarder. You can follow me there, or just send me the odd message.
  • On Youtube, I am Zerrakhi. Most of the videos are linked to from related pages on this blog.
  • I don’t often use Google Plus because I don’t like it much, but it occasionally comes in handy for sharing ideas that are still taking shape in my mind and too tentative for a blog post. I almost never browse other people’s posts unless pointed to them.
  • I’ve written a few stories on Ficly (though not often or recently).

My online store

I have an online store on Zazzle where you can buy products featuring (in most cases) images from this blog. A list of contents:


  • A coffee mug featuring two eye-catching and related fractals on a black background.
  • A mousepad with a fractal image that resembles a sort of recursive spider web.

Photographs from Australia (taken by me):

  • A coffee mug featuring two Victorian coastal scenes, unified by the use of black.
  • A small gift box featuring an atmospheric sunset photo from Innes National Park.
  • A large gift box featuring the same photo as the item above.
  • A keychain with a photo of a run-down old farmhouse.
  • A belt buckle with a photograph of a gum tree, looking up at the high branches from the ground.

Photographs from overseas (taken by me or my relatives):

  • A calendar with photographs taken on a tour from Beijing to St Petersburg (by parents). The published design is for 2012, but you should be able to customise it for other years.
  • Playing cards with a photograph of the Heavenly Lake near Urumchi, China (taken by parents).
  • A large gift box featuring a photo of traditional dancers at a Chinese restaurant theatre (taken by parents).
  • A Christmas tree decoration featuring a winter scene from Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany (taken by parents).
  • A notebook with a photograph from the Austrian alps.


  • A coffee mug with collage of works by Renaissance artists, plus artist information. Sourced from Internet. [updated]
  • A coffee mug making fun of homeopathy, assisted by the Loch Ness Monster and a photograph from Antarctica. (Photo by Paul Willis, used with permission.)

Private channels

If we know each other somewhat online, there is the possibility of keeping in touch by Skype, phone, or other private channels. (I use Skype mostly for text messaging, but occasional video calls can be arranged.) Feel free to ask if you’d like to pursue that.

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