Latest links and park pics

I have enough material from the last month to easily fill two blog posts.

In this post, I’ll share links to the best articles that I’ve read over the last few weeks, as well as my most recent photographs from in or around Shepherds Hill Recreation Park. In my next post (which I’ll aim to publish on Thursday), I’ll discuss my new lounge chairs and other matters.

So first, some links:

And now, photos. The first pair show a musk lorikeet (left) and a red-rumped parrot (right).

Here are three photographs of a particularly large magpie. I love the way he blends into the background.

View towards the setting sun, with a close-up on the right.

A tree, also with a close-up on the right.

Several pictures with rainbow lorikeets.

Left: clubhouse and practice range of Eden Field Archers. Right: view towards the city, from near the ridgetop.

The last photo (below) is not from the park itself, but it is from nearby. I’ve been meaning for some time to explore a walking trail that goes through the park and is a potential shortcut up to Blackwood. I finally got around to following that route last week, and took this photo of a woman and her horse near Eden Hills Railway Station.

That’s all for now, but I will post again soon.


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