This is a chronological list of blog posts published between 2006 and 2011 (so far). Posts from 2011 were added on 13 April 2015; the rest will be added later. You are very welcome to browse and comment.

As described on the About page, every so often I like to clean up the archives by editing, deleting, merging and supplementing old posts. Such a clean-up has been in progress since January 2014, and has now covered all of the years listed below. My revisions of linkfest-type posts are less thorough than those of personal posts.

(Incidentally, WordPress allows bloggers to insert an automatically generated list of posts, but there is no facility to group them into years as I’ve done below, so this one’s manual. I did copy-and-paste from the autogenerated list to save time, though.)

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— Posts from 2014-2015 to come —

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