More kitchen pictures

My home is reasonably clean and tidy at the moment, as I’d been told that my floors would be renovated on the 28th, which is two days from now. But I received a phone call this morning to say that the stock has not arrived, so I don’t know when my floors will be renovated. This sort of thing is annoying. But I might as well take photographs while it’s clean.

As I’ve previously explained, showing off my new kitchen is not easy, as the camera insists upon rendering as dark blue that which the eye knows to be dark green. But I’ve had another go now, with the results you see below.

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More things are happening

News updates subsequent to this one:

  • My new kitchen tiles were put in a while ago, and before that I had new blinds installed. I really want to take a photograph to show you, but I haven’t been able to get my camera to reproduce the colours satisfactorily. [Update: Photographs here.]
  • In further renovations, I’ll soon be getting new floors, and in about five weeks I’ll be having new curtains installed in the living room and office. I’ve selected the patterns I want. [Update: See them here.]
  • I’m thinking of doing another WEA course in September (“Illustrating Children’s Picture Books“), after which I will have done five courses altogether. [Update: Here’s my report on the course.]
  • I’ve spent some time socially with a woman called Maria, who I met at the Singing for Beginners class. A while ago we went for a walk together in a local nature park and practised our singing as we did. More recently she invited me to a tour at the art gallery. Here’s a photograph that Maria took of me in the park.


New kitchen cupboards

I was at my parents’ place for much of the last week, while my kitchen was being renovated by Uzit. I now have new benches, drawers, cupboards and sink, and the water heater was moved from inside to outside.

I was lucky to get the benchtops I wanted. The dark green colour I had my heart set on was a discontinued line with only one sheet left anywhere in the country. Because of this, I had to sign a form acknowledging that if the sheet cracked during construction I would have to choose another colour, and that I accepted the associated financial risk. But there was nothing else available in remotely the same colour, and fortunately it paid off.

I am very happy with the colour scheme, including but not limited to the benchtops (for example I chose white handles rather than the default stainless steel). I do have some reservations about the dimensions of things – I would have liked the drawers to be less shallow and the top shelf of overhead cupboards to be easier to reach – but that’s OK.

The renovation isn’t over yet. Still to come: the tiling. But I wanted to get the cupboards in first so that I could more visualise what sort of tiles would be appropriate (still thinking about that). There’s also the floor, but that’s a job involving the whole house, not just the kitchen. I’m planning on cork tiles in every room except the bathroom.

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Back and painted

All the rooms in my home have now been painted with my choice of colours, the bathroom having been done before. Renovation decisions still to come include kitchen furnishings, curtains, light fittings and floors. Check the Domestic category for new information.

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Bathroom decorations

I’ve already shown you my bathroom. Now I would like to show you, up close, three ornaments that decorate it. One’s got a dragon on it, one’s a star, and the other’s a couple of fish. All of them are nice to look at.

Hanging from the ceiling above the washing machine is this glass-and-metal dragon ornament I bought at a craft fair once.

Bathroom decoration - dragon

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Most rooms in my home have not yet been renovated to my specifications (though I do have plans). But one room which has is the bathroom. Want to see? Here you go.

The light blue tiles on the lower walls make a sort of wavey pattern around the room. There’s a mistake in it (my fault, actually) but you can’t see it in these photos. The decorative objects hanging about were obtained in various places.

The overall effect has been described as reminiscent of the Scottish highlands, with lots of purple heather about.