Links: 2015 — 5

Below are links to some of the most interesting and delightful things I’ve come across online in the last month.

  • Article on the 19th Century fashion for seaweed collections.
  • A perspective on whether modern civilisation would be possible without fossil fuels.
  • This 2011 animation about living books won a bunch of awards and deserved them. Well worth 15 minutes.
  • Painting with fire. Swirls of burn from a molten glass brush in a performance well matched to the soothing cello music.
  • Human chameleon.
  • I enjoyed this whimsical short story on why drug-induced hallucinations won’t help you with your homework.

Also, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve made some progress on cleaning up the archives of this blog, and posts from 2011 are now included in my archives page.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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