Links: 2015 — 3

Here is an assortment of links that I think are worth sharing.

  • Interesting article on the historical context of the watchmaker analogy.
  • What happens when you let a toddler dress you for a week. More people should try this.
  • Lego for entomologists.
  • Neil Gaiman’s reading of A Christmas Carol.
  • Debunking of viral archery video. I’m linking to this because a few years ago I linked to another video making some of the debunked claims.

I also spent some time playing with the soundscape generators at The site contains some mysticism I don’t endorse, but the generators are a lot of fun. Each soundscape has a number of components, the volume of which can be set independently. You can then share that customised soundscape by clicking the “Save in URL” link, or manually once you understand how the numbers in the URL work (it’s pretty straightforward). The animation mode adjusts the settings dynamically, and I’m not sure what the algorithm is but components that start low stay low.

The first generator I played with was Rain Noise. Where do you feel you are when you listen to that? Perhaps you’re caught in a storm whilst bushwalking, and sheltering in a cave, listening not only to the rain and the thunder but also the gurgling of a nearby river. I also played with Jungle Life and Beatae Memoriae (a spooky church/cathedral). The reason my “rain” settings are so much louder than the others is that for the latter two I used headphones. Anyway, see what you can discover, and feel free to share your favourite settings here.

My boycott of sites featuring autoplay advertising ends in just a few more days, and I have my eye on a couple of articles to share in my next collection. But they can wait.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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