Links: Late July 2014

This is my final collection of links before I take a holiday in Sydney for the first week of August. When I get back, I plan to resume the clean-up of this blog’s archives, which has been on hold since late May.


  • I failed this American accents test, scoring 2 out of 12. Can you do better? (Here are my results along with the answers, but try it yourself before peeking.)
  • Thought-provoking video on the mathematics of bicycle tracks. (I had a go at deriving the tractrix formula by hand — and I although did make some progress, my several pages of scribbles ended in nonsense.)
  • Interview with David J Peterson. I found this interesting because I interacted with David via the Conlang mailing list before he started doing it professionally.
  • Queensland dinosaur mythbusting: there was no stampede. Long version, short version.
  • A biology blog that looks worth browsing properly when time permits.
  • In my opinion, genetics is one of the least interesting sciences, but I did enjoy this video. (The final minute is a somewhat clumsy postscript, though.)



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