Links: Early June 2014


  • A very nice article about Go and the software that plays it. (I’ve never played Go, but the fact the board must tend toward a fractal distribution of pieces is the one thing that’s obvious from a crude description of the rules.)
  • A panel discussion about quantum mechanics in which three guests articulate their ideas very clearly and the fourth spouts complete gibberish.
  • H.G. Wells also wrote non-fiction about Martians.
  • Article on how the moon and its distinctive hemispheres came to be. [Update: here’s another idea.]
  • Catfish detects breath of prey via acidity of water.


  • Dust on Mars rovers.
  • Proof that Ancient Greeks had computers.
  • Distribution of letters in different parts of words. What ways can you come up with to play with the data? For example, pairing letters with similar profiles, I get a=o, b=w, c=p, d=y, e=l, f=k, g=s, h=i, j=q, m=t, n=r, u=v, x=z. (Some pairs — especially x=z — are only similar in the sense that they are both miscellaneous.)
  • Delightful puppet video. Don’t over-analyse the plot; it’s all about the aesthetic experience.


  • The Atlantic published an list of 100+ “fantastic pieces of journalism” from 2013. If you don’t have time to read a hundred articles, here are five of the best that I haven’t linked to from this blog before: [*****].

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