Links: Late May 2014


  • Simple home-made projectile weapon powered by magnets.
  • A star that could have formed in the same gas cloud as the sun.
  • Link between collectivism and rice. (Had this been written 25 years ago I could have referenced it in history class.)
  • I highly recommend exploring the Romantics and Victorians section of the British Library website. There are more articles than you can read in a day; here are some examples to get you started: [*****].


Here are some photos from a trip to the museum with my niece Elke:


A status report on my ongoing archives clean-up: I’ve reached the end of 2010, and have added posts from that year to my official archives page. I’m now taking a break before starting on 2011, during which I intend to catch up on some housework and do research for my upcoming August holiday.


2 Responses to “Links: Late May 2014”

  1. LW Lindquist (editor, Tweetspeak Poetry) Says:

    Thank you for linking to our haiku resources. Happy to see they are finding places to be helpful. :)

  2. Adrian Morgan Says:

    You’re welcome. Haiku is not the form of poetry I am most strongly drawn to, but I’ve tried my hand at it a few times, for example when entering online competitions.

    Your resources may come in handy next time I write a haiku of my own, or I may link to them when discussing the subject with someone else. Either way, I’m sure they will be useful. I intentionally paired the articles on your site with the one from because they disagree on certain points, and knowing what is disputed is as important as knowing what is advised.

    One haiku that I wrote more than a decade ago (in a creative writing class at university) was as follows. I am more conscious now that explicitely naming a season is an English haiku cliché, though there are good haiku that do so. Perhaps this is one of them.

    In the company
    of summer’s silent darkness,
    I walk invited.

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