Holiday links

Here are some links that I found either shortly before, or during, my Christmas holidays. Links from the last few days (since I got home) are not included.


  • Crocodiles very possibly use sticks to lure prey. (They don’t, however, disguise themselves as coconut trees except in Roald Dahl books, so we’re not all doomed.)
  • The trade-off between photographing your holidays and remembering them.
  • Possible plate tectonics on Europa.
  • Via Open Lab 2013, an article on the limits of a raw food diet. (You’re probably familiar with the theory that cooking made human brain growth possible, but there are likely details here you didn’t know.)



  • My uncle discovered a story written by my father’s father’s mother’s father in 1895, and serialised in a left-wing newspaper that he edited for a time. He was no literary genius, but it’s interesting simply because of being written a hundred years ago. You can start reading here, but I can provide a more convenient link on request. He also wrote some poetry.
  • Discovered that a certain pizzeria I know has a website. I recommend the King’s Secret. Sadly, they don’t deliver to my suburb, or I’d order regularly.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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