Links: early December 2013

This may be my final collection of links for 2013. From now on I’m on holiday mode.

My computer is currently being serviced, and I am dreading the worst case scenario while hoping for the best. Meanwhile, I’m on my laptop.



  • Invisible bike helmet: essentially an airbag for the head. (In Swedish with English subtitles.)
  • Toy dinosaurs gone wild. I’m not sure this counts as setting a good example for your children, but it’s cool.
  • It’s hard to imagine, but this video is probably even funnier if you know German.
  • 3D tour of the International Space Station. (Alternates between 2D and 3D views without indicating, so stay alert.)
  • Musical instrument combining piano with cello. (The media hook is that Leonardo da Vinci once sketched something similar, but he is a bit player in the real story. The idea is obvious; what’s remarkable is that it was built.)
  • I’ve booked tickets to see this (science comedy show) in February.


  • Stories like this (a case study on the abuse of solitary confinement in American prisons) make me seethe with rage. I didn’t watch the video — I couldn’t.
  • Hans Rosling’s Don’t Panic covers the same material as his TED talks, but for television. Worth a look.

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