Nine calendars in my collection

I’ve blogged about my calendar collection before, but since I add a new one every year, it is worth posting an update.

This year, I decided to create a Youtube video showcasing all of the calendars in the collection so far, including the one I recently bought for 2014.

From the video description:

Since 2006, I’ve been keeping a collection of wall calendars: adding one calendar each year and always choosing a theme that I’ve never had before. This video showcases my collection so far, with nine calendars.

There is no sound, which is just as well, because half the time I’d be saying “My knees hurt!” (if less eloquently). The shaky bits toward the end of the video? Sore knees.

I think collections are significant as a form of self-expression. What someone chooses to collect, and how, can say something very deep about them as a person. That’s why sharing our collections can be so interesting.

Please, feel free to be liberal in the comments. You might comment on the collection as a whole, you might describe a collection of your own, you might nominate which calendar is your favourite (mine’s the 2008 one), or you might write something tangential inspired by a particular page. Just imagine: if I were showing you this collection over my dining table, what would you bring to the conversation?

2 Responses to “Nine calendars in my collection”

  1. Stan (tywkiwdbi) Says:

    The content is fine (and interesting), but this has to be the archetype of a “shaky hand-held camera” to the point of distraction. If you repeat the video next year, perhaps consider having a friend do the filming while you flip, or suspend the camera from a tripod or ?tree branch.

  2. Adrian Morgan Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. There is a bit of shake — particularly in the second half — and if I make a similar video in the future I will certainly take past experience into account. On the other hand, I think it is a pity if we are so spoilt by professional output that we are no longer able to enjoy simple home videos made with rudimentary equipment.

    I recorded the video on the grounds of a nearby university, because I needed somewhere large to spread the calendars out without getting them dirty. Making a better video would require considerable planning and rehearsal.

    (Note: I’ve edited your posting name, to avoid confusion with Stan Carey, who comments here quite frequently.)

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