Links: Late October & Early November

Some links, covering the last 4 weeks.


  • Projected angular areas of astronomical objects.
  • All-too-brief article on a fascinating ocean parasite.
  • Quantum mechanics vs gravity. Towards an experimental analysis of the conflict.
  • Article on the myth that the War of the Worlds radio adaptation caused mass panic. I’ve heard podcasts on this before, but not a printable article.
  • Synaesthetic sex. Brief, but fascinating. (Incidentally, as a personal opinion, I propose that if sex were music, it would be Dusty Wine Bottle by Kíla.)
  • New analysis of hwaet in Beowulf. Somewhat vague, but that’s because there’s no real modern equivalent. I don’t think the “how” comparison works. Ask in the comments if you’d like me to expand on that thought.



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