My local wood nymph

I’ve known for a while that the recreation park near my home is inhabited by fairies. But I recently made the acquaintance of a wood nymph called Lucinda, who inhabits and personifies the tree shown in the slideshow below.

It seems Lucinda is quite a common name among mythological folk, but she chose it, not me. Of course, she’s invisible to those by whom she does not wish to be seen, even in photographs.

(This blog post may not be intended entirely in earnest. You never know.)

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3 Responses to “My local wood nymph”

  1. Stan Says:

    Whatever its metaphysical nature, it is a beautiful tree – and all the more attractive because of its irregularity.

  2. Adrian Morgan Says:

    I’ll tell her you said that next time I see her… :-)

    Seriously, the weather has been excellent for walking, although at the cost of giving me severe hayfever. It was while walking home one evening after a pizza that I decided to scour the park in search of the “most huggable tree” (life would be far less interesting without harmless little whims). The photographs came in the days following, after I’d begun to attach a mythology to my favoured candidate.

    To the best of my ability to discern without leaving my chair, here is a Google Map reference. I’m confident the tree is near the centre of that page, possibly the very centre.

  3. Stan Says:

    Oh, it’s a her? :-) Thanks for the map refence, and do pass on my esteem. Most huggable tree seems to me an admirable whim to follow, albeit at the expense of hayfever (from which I’m lucky not to suffer). It has been cool and blustery here: also good for walking, though I got caught in a heavy shower this evening.

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