Updates to my online store

I recently added a few new products to my online store, and pruned away a few old ones. The current inventory follows:

Products with fractals:

  • Coffee mug with two related fractal images on a black background.
  • Mousepad with fractal image resembling a sort of recursive spider web.
  • Gift box with fractal image resembling a sort of recursive spider web.

Products with photographs I’ve taken in Australia:

  • Coffee mug with two coastal scenes from Victoria, unified by use of black.
  • Gift box with atmospheric sunset photo from Innes National Park, facing Wedge Island.
  • Playing cards with waterfall photograph from Belair National Park. [NEW!]
  • Keychain with photograph of a run-down old farmhouse.

Products with photographs taken overseas by me or my relatives:

  • Playing cards with photograph of the Heavenly Lake, near Urumchi, China (taken by parents). [NEW!]
  • Notebook with photograph from the Austrian alps, indicative of mountainous journey.
  • Christmas tree decoration with winter scene from Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany (taken by parents).
  • Keychain with photograph from Arundel Castle in England.
  • (Also: calendar with photographs taken by parents on Beijing to St Petersburg tour. The published design is for 2012, but it should be possible to customise it for other years. I would consider publishing a new version if there is demand.)

Miscellaneous products:

  • Coffee mug with collage of works by Renaissance artists, plus artist information.
  • Coffee mug making fun of homeopathy, assisted by the Loch Ness Monster (featuring Antarctica photo by Paul Willis). [NEW!]

(Note: When browsing my store, the homeopathy parody mug will only show up if you have filters set to Moderate rather than Safe. A direct link will work either way.)

Friends with online stores include Stan Carey (Spreadshirt) and April Schoffstall (Zazzle). Also, I’m still using this mousepad, which I bought on Zazzle several years ago and would recommend to others.


You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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