Links: Late September 2013

It’s been about four weeks since my last collection of links. And because I have a busy weekend coming up, I’ve decided to publish this installment now, rather than risk missing two publication dates in a row (I normally publish around the 7th and 21st of each month). So here’s my top recommendations from the Internet over the last four weeks.




  • Some political articles published before Australia’s recent election: [1] [2].
  • Video parable on domestic violence. Very evocative. I could feel myself thinking to the husband, “I hope you never experience any emotion but guilt for the rest of your life”.
  • Best 9/11 article has to be the one from Cracked. Except that I don’t believe that people (especially under 30s) are as accepting of surveillance as the final section implies.


  • Utility for downloading Youtube videos (also links to several utilities for downloading as MP3; I’ve been selecting Music-Clips).

2 Responses to “Links: Late September 2013”

  1. Stan Says:

    Thanks for the link to the BBC documentary on automata; I’m looking forward to that. On the subject of domestic violence, this clip (7m40s) of Patrick Stewart answering a question at Comicpalooza is well worth watching, if you have the time.

  2. Adrian Morgan Says:

    I think I got the automata link from @Bioephemera on Twitter. If you wish to share your thoughts after watching it, please do.

    Thanks for the Patrick Stewart video. I think the two main take-away points are: (1) the connection between his father’s abusiveness and the emotional legacy of the war, and (2) the shameful remarks of doctors and ambulance men that his mother must have been at least partly to blame. I have my share of thoughts on the topic of abusive relationships (which may or may not involve physical violence, may or may not be between husbands and wives, etc), but I don’t know how to share them without rambling. I would trade my thoughts for solutions.

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