Links: Early August 2013

Here are some links for you to enjoy.


  • The science of military helicopters with halos.
  • Long video of astronomer talking passionately about exoplanets.
  • Fascinating article on island home of isolated tribe.
  • Alien explains shape of universe (wouldn’t recommend as primer, but entertaining if you’re already fairly well informed).
  • Documentary on deception, featuring Richard Wiseman (more episodes to come).
  • Long article on parasites of plants, including biological, historical and social perspectives. Main case study from Ghana.
  • Insights into how Roald Dahl’s The Witches came to be, from his editor.
  • Good, comprehensive article on milk tolerance and its historical implications.
  • How relativity explains mercury. (No, the other mercury: the liquid metal.)
  • Dark matter as mapped by Planck.
  • Wonder and the history of science.



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