Links: Early March 2013

These are the best of my online reading over approximately the last month.

I’ve filed more items under delightful than under interesting this month, but some of the delightful items are, in fact, also interesting. It’s just that their delightfulness is primary, in my opinion.



  • I expect this 3D craft pen will find a place on many gift lists.
  • Outstanding timelapse from the International Space Station, with effects.
  • This paint-your-requests thing is cool (if compromised by the need to have a Tumblr account to submit requests).
  • Tree-climbing wild cat. Watch the video in full screen HD. (It would be better for a tighter edit, but is still worth your time.)
  • Jane Goodall writes about her enthusiasm for plants.
  • Proteins re-imagined as pictures (with an interesting introduction to ribbon diagrams).
  • Love these close-up photographs of coral. A different perspective than we usually see. Would make a nice calendar.
  • Halloween dessert idea: jelly worms in crushed biscuit soil.


  • I entered a competition to compress a paragraph into a tweet. I didn’t win, but mine is the third entry quoted under “the shortlist”.

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