Shepherds Hill Recreation Park — Best Photos from Spring 2012

Over the last few months, I’ve periodically posted photographs taken on walks in nearby Shepherds Hill Recreation Park.

Now that spring is giving way to summer, I feel the time is right for a “best of” compilation. So I’ve selected twenty of my best pictures from the park and pasted them below. They’re sized to fill the whole column so you can see most details without even having to click on them.

I’ve also re-posted my “walk in the park” video at the end. (Technically this is in Watiparinga Reserve, but in practical terms it’s part of the same place.)

I hope you like my selection. Comments are, as always, very welcome.

— Valley flora (4 photos) —

— Australian Magpie (2 photos) —

— Red Rumped Parrots (3 photos) —

— Musk Lorikeet —

— Rainbow Lorikeets (4 photos) —

— Eastern Rosellas —

— Adelaide Rosellas (2 photos) —

— 3D ridgetop view —

— Ridgetop view of train —

— Archery clubhouse —

— ‘A Walk in the Park’ (video) —

3 Responses to “Shepherds Hill Recreation Park — Best Photos from Spring 2012”

  1. Stan Says:

    Lovely set, Adrian. My favourites, at least on this visit, are the very first photo and the third rainbow lorikeet one with the blue sky backdrop. But each one is a pleasure to view.

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    Thanks, Stan.

    The first picture (and the second: I couldn’t bring myself to omit either version) is the result of walking through a place many times over and only once catching the sunlight just right. I took it very near to the archery clubhouse in the last picture — if it weren’t for the trees, you could recognise the topography.

    I had more photos of rainbow lorikeets than any other bird (because they are so common), so I was able to reject all but the very best and still include a variety of species. Someone else would have made different choices: a bird enthusiast would probably have picked some relative close-ups (this and this) that I omitted because I place more value on the composition of the scenes as a whole.

  3. Stan Says:

    I know what you mean about the first two pictures; I flicked from one to the other for a while before scrolling further down. Both capture a lovely play of light through the trees on the grass and low shrubbery. The park seems like a very fine habitat for birds and other critters.

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