News and links for late November 2012



Here are some favourite shots from the last time I went walking in Shepherds Hill Recreation Park. Two of these feature Adelaide rosellas, and the other two feature rainbow lorikeets.

(I probably won’t take any more photos like these for a while, because it’s nearly summer and the park is not at its most photogenic when it’s dry, but I’m thinking of posting a gallery with all my favourites together.)

Other updates:

I recently changed my profile design on Twitter, changing my background from this pattern to a plain purple, and adding a header photo based on one of the first photos I ever published on this blog. Here’s a copy of my new header:

One of Australia’s leading brands of fruit juice has, for some unfathomable reason, decided to stop manufacture large (2.4 litre) bottles and specialise in small sizes only. Honestly, this feels almost like a betrayal. Half-size bottles don’t suit me, so I’m now forced to buy inferior brands that I’ve avoided for years. Here is a photo of my very last 2.4 bottle of Berri fruit juice.

I caught up with my parents last week, and among other things they’ve now seen (and sat on) my new lounge chairs. Related, I had most of my hard rubbish (including the old chairs) taken by a private removalist, so that’s taken care of now.

I got around to installing software on my laptop for creating/processing microphone recordings (have had this on my desktop for ages). This will be useful, as it means I can now make quality recordings of things that aren’t near my desk (e.g. digitising cassette tapes).


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