Chairs, calendars, and the continuation of life

This is the second part of my update spanning most of October and the first part of November.

It’s been an exciting month for me, mostly because I finally got the new lounge chairs (or sofas, in more international English) that I ordered back in July. These are the first non-second-hand lounge chairs I have ever owned, and were custom made with my choice of colour and style.

(The shade is greener in life than in the picture, but it depends on the light.)

My old chairs are in a pile out the back. For a couple of nights I used three detachable cushions as a temporary chair, but they’ve since been taken out the back with all the others. The local council will take some of my hard rubbish, but because they have a limit of two cubic metres per collection, I’ll need to make supplementary arrangements as well.

After the lounge chair delivery, I went down the street firstly to settle the account (about $3000, of which I’d previously paid a deposit) and then to other shops to choose a calendar for the next year.

As I’ve discussed before, I’ve been collecting calendars since 2006, and add one calendar to my collection every year, making a point never to choose the same theme twice. For 2013 I chose “Wonders of the World“, which features impressive photography of some of the world’s most magnificent old buildings. It is the eighth calendar in my collection, all of which appear in the photograph below.

Other domestic updates:

  • The next jobs I want done are some flyscreen repairs and some fencing, and I had a guy out recently to look at this. Currently still waiting for a quote.
  • I also bought a new office chair, which I’m sitting on as I type. I haven’t taken a photograph, but I could.
  • I re-arranged the posters on my living room wall. Again, no photos, but ask if you’re curious.

More miscellaneous updates:

  • I looked in my letterbox one morning to find a spider guarding an eggsack. Here are two photos I posted to Twitter [1, 2].
  • I’ve updated my website, giving it a somewhat presentable — if minimalist — front page. I also removed the Blog Post Inspiration Engine due to lack of interest.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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