Walking in Belair

In my last post, I said that my parents and I had been for a walk in Belair National Park last weekend, and promised to post photographs later.

Unfortunately I’ve been having trouble lately uploading photographs to the blog, and have been in touch with WordPress support trying to figure out the problem. That process is ongoing. As a short-term fix, WordPress support kindly helped me out by uploading the photos for this blog post on my behalf.

Dad and I did most of the walking on our own, though Mum was with us some of the time. Not that this makes any difference to the following pictures.

Below on the left is a 3D photograph of the first waterfall (you may recall that I’ve posted pictures of this location before). On the right is an ordinary photograph of the second waterfall, (which I have not photographed before).

Here are some arty close-ups of the second waterfall.

Left: two tawny frogmouths near where we all had lunch. Right: two of the koalas we saw on our walk.

Left: my best koala pic for the day. Right, a koala’s bottom, or possibly a drop bear.


Two more koala photos, this time with mother and young.


To finish, a random picture of Dad walking ahead of me.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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