News and links for late August 2012

Herewith another link collection and general update. This one’s a little out of schedule (given that I aim to post these things near the 7th and 21st of each month), but sometimes it’s a battle to keep my queue of to-read links from growing a lot faster than I can read them….

I heard about the death of Neil Armstrong from my alarm clock radio. It’s unusual that my alarm clock radio tells me something I care about; normally I look upon radio as merely an inoffensive noise to get me out of bed. But this was an exception.

It seems appropriate this month to put my space-related links first, and let everything else follow.

  • I take claims of plate tectonics on Mars with a grain of salt. It’s quite an extraordinary claim, given that people have looked for plate tectonics on Mars before and concluded that there isn’t any. Still, worth watching.
  • Narrated video of Curiosity’s landing, comparing images from both simulation and camera.
  • Another Mars mission has been announced, which will focus on studying the interior of Mars as opposed to its surface, and should settle that plate tectonics question. This is cool and all, but so soon after Curiosity I would preferred to give some other planetary body a turn.
  • Panorama from Opportunity (you know, the other Mars rover). Detail loads gradually.
  • The various connections between Snoopy and Apollo-era NASA.
  • And away from moon/mars: an interview with Mike Brown and David Jewitt, ten years after the discovery of the kuiper belt.

Other links:

I caught up with parents last weekend, and (among other things) went for a walk in Belair National Park. Here’s a koala from below (or possibly a drop bear) and a 3D photo of what would be a waterfall at a different time of year.

2 Responses to “News and links for late August 2012”

  1. Stan Says:

    The model butcher’s shops are remarkable. I always feel an urge to inspect miniatures more closely and physically when I see photos of them.

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    The model butcher shops are indeed impressive, and were I to obtain a few to distribute as gifts, I would surely have no difficulty finding people to appreciate them. With current image formats it is not possible to reach into the photographs and inspect them, but the possibilities would be unlimited if you could.

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