Ridgetop walk photos

I went for a couple of walks along the ridgetop track in Shepherds Hill Recreation Park today, and took photographs. This blog post is all about the pictures, some of which require 3D glasses.

Contents: (1) Three photos of a koala. (2) Four 3D photos of the view toward the city. (3) Two photos of some birds. (4) Three photos of a train.

First, a koala that happened to be there. (This was from my first walk; everything else was from my second.)

Next, 3D photos of the view towards the city. This was my motive for today’s outing — I want to get some experience using my camera’s 3D mode, and the only way to do that is to go out and take pictures.

(At this point I’d offer the following rule of thumb: that a good 3D photo should contain at least three layers of proximity, of which at least two should be present in the focal column.)

Two 3D photos of the same scene, but in one of them a bird went by.


You can’t see them in the pictures above, but there were four ravens in that tree. Here are two ordinary photos that show them, each with a different zoom setting.

Anytime you go for a walk in Shepherds Hill Recreation Park, at least one train is likely to go by. To end today’s photofest, here are some shots of the one I saw today.


One Response to “Ridgetop walk photos”

  1. Dad Says:

    Looks like a lovely day for a walk

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