Parent visiting and camera testing

I visited my parents on the weekend, and while I was there I also tested a new digital camera, which I bought on Thursday. This blog post therefore serves two roles — a report on my latest trip home, and a gallery of photos from my new camera.

I travelled home on Friday morning — as far as Moonta with friends and then (after a coffee, walk, etc), the rest of the way with Mum. It was a good trip home, and the second time I’ve visited Mum and Dad since they moved into their new house in the town. Here are a couple of photos from the first time (back in Easter, via my blog archives): [1, 2]

The new camera is an Olympus VG-170, and replaces my old Olympus D-545 Zoom, which had been getting worse for wear lately. The new one is capable of up to 14 megapixels, but I have it set on 5 megapixels for now.

So … here are some shots of the outside of my parents’ house.

On the left, some extensions to the house currently being built.

On the right, testing the 3D facility of my new camera. View it through your red/blue glasses.

Left, the dog (Woodja). I took this photo very much on a whim.

Right, one view of the town reservoir, which my parents can see (from the other side) out their window.

Two variations on a sunset view of the town dam — one version with grass visible, one without.

Some shots of the pelican that frequents the dam.

A short video that I made to test the movie-making facility of the new camera.

One reason I went home was to see the annual town musical that my parents took part in, which this year was a production of Chicago. However, I ended up not seeing it, because I couldn’t handle the overcrowded seating in the town hall. I’ll watch the DVD when it comes out.

Anyway, here are a couple of shots of the cake that my parents got for their role in the production.

Another whimsical photo to finish with. We did some gardening at the new house, and Dad and I took a trailer load of pruned branches to the dump behind the farmhouse (where they lived previously, and I was raised). While we were there, I noticed that some bits of dead trees already there look, from the right angle, like an owl and a donkey. See?


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