Links for late July 2012

Just a short collection of links this time, but many of them well worth while.

  • I didn’t include Higgs Boson links in the last installment, because I needed more time to digest them. I think the best news report was from the Guardian. A couple of worthwhile explainers (ones from which I felt I learned something) are here and here.
  • Some of Johannes Kepler’s writings are online. I can’t read the Latin, but it’s still cool. Looking forward to the day when all of Kepler’s works will be available.
  • An essay on the brain and how it perceives time. Interesting facts scattered throughout.
  • Sonic screwdriver remote control. I’m not sure how practical it is, but could be useful for watching movies in the dark (no more hitting Eject instead of Pause).
  • A six hundred year old bra. Speaks for itself.
  • Video documentary about the moon landings and their historical context.

On a more whimsical topic, here’s my cartoon face. Original photograph here. Via

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