News and links for late June & early July

I didn’t post links for late June, because at the time I didn’t feel I had enough of them. So this collection covers four weeks. After the links, I share a little of my personal news.

There were eight people altogether at my 35th birthday celebrations in mid June (I’d invited more, but not everyone could make it). Main course was a choice between pizza or Indian food, which I ordered and my parents picked up on their way. We got the wrong pizzas by mistake — apparently we got an order belonging to a Megan, whereas I’d ordered under the name of Morgan  — but nobody minded (and anyway, I had the Indian). Dessert was cheesecake and mulberry jelly provided by my parents. Afterwards we played a card game. I got a couple of gifts including a pair of dragon coffee mugs from my sister:

I recently did a wage assessment at work, which means that for the next three years I’ll be paid in proportion to how well I did. Haven’t got the results back yet.

I caught up with Mum in late June. We did a number of things together, but the main thing was browsing in furniture shops for lounge chairs. I need new ones. Now that I have a better idea of what I want, I’ll go back to the shops sometime with the benefit of hindsight.


2 Responses to “News and links for late June & early July”

  1. Elsha Hawk Says:

    Hey! I know many of these links! :)

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    In many cases, because I mentioned them to you during Skype conversations! Are there any that you originally found somewhere else? Enjoy the others.

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