Links for early May 2012

I’ve grouped this collection roughly by theme: psychology articles first, then history articles and timelapse videos, and finally some animal stories.

  • The science of depression. An overview placing current theory in a historical perspective.
  • Alternating gender identity: male, female, male, female, male.
  • Using a foreign language helps to make more analytical decisions (alternate coverage).
  • To tickle yourself, you have to be a little mad.
  • Interesting studies into how people use language in relationships (particularly pronouns and other short words).
  • How a virus brought down the 17th century Dutch economy.
  • Two articles on Victorian era history: a short one about opium and a long one about crime.
  • Interview with Neil Armstrong. [Update: This is no longer available, but I can’t believe anyone would remove such a historically important interview altogether, so please leave a comment if you know where it can be obtained.]
  • Two outstanding timelapse videos: one from Yosemite in America and one from Venice. (The latter has a somewhat anti-climactic ending, but that is my only reservation.)
  • A girl’s first twelve years of life condensed into three minutes.
  • First tetrapods used dermal bone to help with breathing on land.
  • How penguins manipulate bubbles to propel themselves from the water.
  • Video of lion failing to eat a human baby. (I vehemently disagree with the people who have moral concerns regarding this video.)

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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