Post-Easter link catch-up

It’s been ages since I shared links, so I’ve got some catching up to do. First I’ll share older links. Then I’ll share some photos from my Easter break (think of it as an intermission). And finally I’ll share recent links.

  • The Guardian ran a story in March about a new collection of fairy tales, and the New Yorker added a different perspective.
  • In the comments of a Language Log post a while back, I mentioned an old university assignment of mine on applications of data mining in linguistics. For the record, it’s available here, but you’ll have to ask me for the password.
  • Dan Everett was the subject of much discussion last month, most of it rather narrowly focussed. Here’s an article that covers some broader issues.
  • Article on the science of natural soundscapes. Reading it reminded me of a poem I remember from school (which I mention not in order to recommend it but simply to reminisce).
  • The past, present and future of antiviral drugs.
  • Piano graveyard in Western Australia.
  • Optimal Hangman strategy
  • Article about Casanova, in case you’ve wondered.

Over Easter I visited my parents, who have now moved from the farm into the town, and saw the inside of their new house for the first time. Here’s a sample photograph:

There are renovation plans in the works, so next time I visit the house might be more in their image. We did various things while I was there, among them planting a wollemi pine in their back yard. It’s near the centre of this photo:

We went to an art exhibition held annually at Ardrossan, and Dad liked one painting so much that he bought it. What do you think of his taste?

I stayed at my parents’ place until the following weekend, when we all drove to Adelaide for a friend’s wedding on Saturday 14th. Mum and Dad stayed around in Adelaide for a few days after that, and among other things we went out to the theatre.

I now return you to your scheduled links:

  • Richard Wiseman created an iPhone app that’s meant to influence your dreams. I don’t have an iPhone, but I’d try it if I did. Here’s some press coverage (ignore the silly aside about movies at the end).
  • The Kickass web application lets you simulate the destruction of a webpage using a spaceship. You can also design your own spaceship, and so I designed one based on Ed Yong‘s blog logo [Update: By which I mean, of course, the logo Ed had at the time of writing]. Here it is.
  • On the fight against worm infections in India.
  • Cute elephant video.
  • Cool graphs showing probability of a satellite falling on land vs water.
  • On identifying the Sun’s long-lost sibling stars.
  • Intellectual climate of 1900 Vienna, and how it fits into history.
  • How Isaac Newton became Sir.
  • Important new advance in repairing a damaged heart.

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