Highlights of the Christmas season

This post was originally a fairly long account of miscellaneous events between 10 December 2011 and 14 January 2012. But in a 2015 review of this blog’s archives, I’ve decided that most of it is not of long-term interest.

Among other things, it described:

  • My participation in Austalk, a nation-wide study of how Australians speak. At the time, the entire study was expected to take about a year, after which data would be made available to participants. But even now, in late 2015, that hasn’t happened, to the great annoyance of everyone.
  • The mini Christmas puddings that we often make at that time of year, according to the following recipe:
  • A bird’s skull (probably magpie) that I found lying on the ground.
  • The sad tale of how several cows died of dehydration on my parents’ farm, following the failure of a relatively new water distribution system.
  • How we finally got around to a jigsaw puzzle that I’d bought for Mum three years previously, as well as another jigsaw puzzle that was a 3D antique globe.
  • My new Windows 7 computer.

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