Beach walk on Christmas Day

One of the things we did on Christmas Day was to go for a walk on the beach, with mostly people I’d never met before.

The beach, Balgowan, is one I’ve been to many, many times, but weather-wise this was a particularly good day for a walk and for taking photographs. Enjoy the slideshow (22 images).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Below the fold: a gallery of images in the slideshow, to make it easier to click on the photograph you want to see.


2 Responses to “Beach walk on Christmas Day”

  1. April ElshaHawk Schoffstall Says:

    The last one is my favorite because it has the most colors. :) I have never seen the ocean, but I have been to Lake Michigan which has a tide and a beach. It’s not the same. No saltwater, for one..

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    The last picture is separate from the others because it’s not actually from the part we walked on. The headland divides the beach into a north half and a south half, and after walking the south half we wanted to give our companions a view of the north half as well. Here’s another photo I took a few years ago.

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