News & links for early December

This collection of links and personal news is somewhat delayed, and very possibly the last one for the year assuming Christmas has its usual influence on free time. I’ll start with some news, break it up with some links, and finish with more news.

A recent highlight around here was the visit of some friends from England (the Dessons, who I caught up with when I was over there in September). They arrived via Perth on 25 November, and we’d planned to have tea at my place, but the flight was delayed (apparently the wing defroster malfunctioned) so there wasn’t time for more than a quick chat at the airport. My parents and I had tea at Glenelg while waiting for the re-scheduled flight. At the end of the evening, my parents drove the Dessons home to their place, while I went home in a taxi.

The Dessons visited my place on 6 December, on their way to exploring other parts of the country. I served a simple lunch (which nevertheless included combinations that were new to them), went for a walk, came back for coffee, and showed them my calendar collection. Had a really great time.

Now for the links, of which there are quite a few.

The rest of my news:

I started reading Babel’s Dawn (the book by Edmund Blair Bolles, whose blog of the same name I’ve been following for some time), but got distracted on other things and haven’t finished. I have to say my feelings are mixed. One of my biggest criticisms is that Bolles misrepresents what biologists mean by levels of natural selection, but I don’t want to go into details before I’ve finished the book.

I made an offering to the fairies, which they accepted after about a week. You’ll have to beg if you want to know what I mean by that, though.

I bought some new tinsel for my parents’ Christmas tree. I could take a photograph, but perhaps better to show it on the tree.

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  1. April ElshaHawk Schoffstall Says:

    Even babies know that actions speak louder than words. :)

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