News & links for late November

I’ll start with some interesting links, and then follow up with personal news further down.

The most memorable event in the last fortnight was the evening of November 14, when my parents came for tea. We had Indian takeaway food and afterwards played with Ganjifa cards. The games we played were simple and familiar card ones such as Fish, the idea being to get familiar with the cards without complicating things by learning new rules as well. Later in the evening we went to the movies, but the time spent around the table was more enjoyable.

Another evening of note was November 11, when I went to the pub to meet Paul Willis, Australian palaeontologist and science communicator. I’d been meaning for some time to go along to one of the pub gatherings hosted by the Royal Institute Australia (of which Paul is the director), but until now it hasn’t worked out for me. He showed us a lovely fossil crocodile jawbone, which looked at first like a stick (poetically appropriate given how live crocodiles look like logs) until you turn it around and see the tooth sockets. I gave him a copy of the Q/A sheets from my science history trivia quiz, but there wasn’t enough time that night to discuss it.

My copy of Babel’s Dawn (the book about the evolution of speech) arrived on the morning of the day I write this. I look forward to reading it.

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