Calendar themes

Earlier this month I ordered a 2012 wall calendar from Zazzle, which I have very recently received in the mail. It will be hung on my wall throughout the coming year, and will find a permanent home as part of my collection.

This is the seventh calendar in my collection, which I’ve been keeping since 2006. Here’s a post I wrote in 2007 when it contained just three calendars. I buy one new calendar every year, always one with a theme I’ve never had before, and after spending the year on my office wall it goes in a drawer with all the others. The “one per year” rule distinguishes it from the type of collection where people accumulate as many items as possible, and the fact that I use the calendars distinguishes it from the type of collection where people keep items in pristine condition.

There are so many calendar themes available that I can probably keep going indefinitely without running out of interesting ones.

In this post I’ll show you my entire collection to date, including photographs of the front and back covers. In the comments, I invite you to share your favourite calendar themes.

OK, here’s what I’ve got.

2006. Theme: Antique maps. Style: Actual maps drawn by history’s cartographers.

2007. Theme: Outback Australia landscapes. Style: Photographs by David Messent & other contributors.

2008. Theme: Camouflaged animals. Style: Photographs by Art Wolfe.

2009. Theme: Australian birds. Style: Lifelike drawings by Shirley Barber.

2010. Theme: Fairytalesque cottages, floral gardens, etc. Style: Imaginative paintings by Thomas Kinkade.

2011. Theme: Natural forces such as storms, volcanoes, etc. Style: Photographs by various contributors.

2012. Theme: Depictions of people reading. Style: Paintings by famous dead artists, mostly 19th century.

That’s it. By 2017 I’ll have enough for a calendar calendar, i.e. one calendar for each month of the year!

As a postscript, I’d also like to remind readers that the 2012 edition of my Silk Route calendar is available on Zazzle. It’s an improved version of the calendar I originally published for 2011, featuring photographs from my parents’ package tour from Beijing to St Petersburg in 2010.

Below is a photograph of the cover, followed by one of my favourite pages. I hope that, with its great photographs, informative captions and coherent theme, you’ll consider buying a copy to hang on your wall in the year to come. Here’s the purchasing link again.


4 Responses to “Calendar themes”

  1. Stan Says:

    I like the collection. It’s interesting that your Readers calendar for 2012 spells out the year on its cover. That seems unusual. I suppose it’s meant to underline the theme.

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    I agree it’s a little unusual, but it’s not surprising if the Readers calendar deviates from convention more than most, simply because it’s made by an individual and not a publishing company like all the others.

    I’ve emailed the woman who designed the calendar, letting her know about the blog post. So if there’s a rationale for spelling out the name of the year, you may find out what it is directly.

  3. joiegirl Says:

    Hi, Stan.

    Why did I spell out the year? I liked the way it looked! (smile) And yes, it’s a calendar for readers, and about readers, so spelling it out did harmonize with its theme. Thanks for asking.

  4. Stan Says:

    Thanks for letting me know, joiegirl. I approve wholeheartedly of the theme, and it looks like a very attractive calendar.

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