Pre-holiday links

This is my last night at home before I go overseas for the next three weeks, so I thought I’d write one last pre-holiday blog post.

Via June Casagrande on Twitter I heard about this year’s National Punctuation Day contest, which is to write a paragraph of no more than three sentences that uses all of the following punctuation marks: apostrophe, square brackets (just “brackets” to Americans), colon, comma, dash, ellipsis, exclamation mark (“exclamation point” to Americans), hyphen, brackets (“parentheses” to Americans), full stop (“period” to Americans), question mark, quotation marks, and semicolon.

Here’s my submission, in which I tried to make the paragraph as short as possible while using all the symbols appropriately. The person running the contest is called Jeff, so I used that name.

Noone (except me) is here; where are they? Oh, hang on Jeffs left a message: “Gone to [illegible] — back later.” Figures!

Can you do better?

Other links:

  • Well-written article about whales.
  • Rethinking the significance of the nuclear bomb in World War Two.
  • Video discussions of the Juno spacecraft.
  • Planet of Darkness. I love astronomy stories that sound like something out of fiction.
  • I haven’t listened to this collection of astronomy lectures yet, but I intend to.

[The following links are from my Jul/Aug update, which I have decided to merge with this one during a blog review.]

  • In astronomy news, Gale Crater was chosen as landing site for Mars Science Lab. Also, we got close-up images of Vesta. Meanwhile, the Earth’s first trojan asteroid was discovered. And speculation has it that Earth may once have had an extra moon.
  • Stan Carey wrote a blog post about online IPA keyboards and linked to several examples. I like this one best.
  • Cartoon. By Jon Wilkins. Inspired by John Wilkins.

2 Responses to “Pre-holiday links”

  1. Stan Says:

    I like your submission for the punctuation contest – very efficient.

    Now reading the article on whales. Hope you have a great trip!

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    I think I originally got the whales article via an Ed Yong linkfest, which is very often the case. Appreciate your approval re punctuation.

    Having a great time, but Internet access has been an issue. The hotel we’re in right now has a cable service, but my laptop doesn’t have the right socket for that and I’ve been unable to find a wireless service I can use, Right now I’m borrowing Dad’s laptop, which does have a cable socket.

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