Visit to parents’ (also, podcast announcement)

First, an announcement: I’ve previously mentioned having recorded an episode of the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast, based around a song I wrote earlier in the year. Well, that day has arrived and you can go listen to it! Unfortunately, the audio quality of the song excerpts has suffered during copying, so I encourage you to listen to the song via the first link above.

I spent some time recently at my parents’ place. Quite a lot happened, but let’s start with photographs of dinosaurs just to get your attention.


My parents have had these dinosaurs for some time, but they get moved to a different part of the yard from time to time and I took these pictures on the weekend. (I also dragged the triceratops to its present location.)

While over there, I saw a production of Oliver (the musical) that my parents were involved in. Dad mostly did stage work, plus a cameo appearance or two, as well as addressing the audience at the beginning of the play. Mum conducted the band.

The main reason for my visit was to pick up a new notebook computer from the local computer shop. It’s a Windows 7 machine with a 10 inch monitor, and a good size to carry in a backpack. I also bought a wireless mouse because I hate touchpads. While we were there, Mum and I also had a quick Skype lesson. Mum won’t be coming with the rest of us on our Europe holiday, and had the idea of keeping in touch this way.

I also bought a new backpack.

Finally, I have a sad story to tell about a dog. Guten (photographed when younger here and here) had proved unsuitable as a farm dog, so a while ago, Mum gave him away to a local family, with children, that wanted an adult companion dog. Guten was much loved at his new home, but the story does not end happily because quite recently he got his jaws on some rat poison and did not survive. Meanwhile, my parents’ older dog, Woodja, has taken to wandering distances of several kilometers away if left unattended — obviously lonely.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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