General Updates 2011: Jul/Aug

This will be my final General Updates blog post before I go on holiday in just under two weeks. And because I’ve already shared my holiday plans, I have very little to say.

I thought I would have upgraded my computer by now, but I haven’t. Largely because the guy from the computer shop has been rather snowed under. I’ll keep you informed.

ElshaHawk gave me an invite to Google Plus, and for now, my profile is here. But I only signed up because of the invite, and I’m inclined to delete my profile if nobody can show me that it fills a useful niche. You can try adding me to your circles and engaging me in interesting conversation if you like. [Update: I’m keeping it around for the time being.]

Now, links:

  • In astronomy news, Gale Crater was chosen as landing site for Mars Science Lab. Also, we got close-up images of Vesta. Meanwhile, the Earth’s first trojan asteroid was discovered. And speculation has it that Earth may once have had an extra moon.
  • Stan Carey wrote a blog post about online IPA keyboards and linked to several examples. I like this one best, despite the bug whereby it sometimes inserts a character twice at a time. (All the others have worse flaws than that, in my opinion, even if it’s just a clunky interface.)
  • I had a good time watching Youtube videos from the BBC Fool Us series with Penn and Teller. One of my favourite acts is this one, although I have a pretty good idea how it’s done. (Let’s just say I think it, uh, pivots on the black magic principle.) The skill of the performers is obvious regardless.
  • Cartoon. By Jon Wilkins. Inspired by John Wilkins. Guaranteed not to offend the sensibilities of anyone who doesn’t deserve to be offended. (For everyone else, you have been warned.)
  • Font designed to be easy to read for people with dyslexia.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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