Last time in Europe

With my trip to Germany and England coming up in August, I thought I’d post a picture of the souvineers I bought last time I was in the area, over a decade ago. Some of these have appeared on this blog before, but not all together.

Anticlockwise from the right, we have a coffee mug from Raglan Castle in Wales, a knight in armour also from Raglan Castle, a one-man-band German smoking man (incense burner), and two musical trinkets (a harp and a grand piano) also from Germany.

You can find photographs in the early pages of this blog, for example one from Austria and one from Scotland. Back then, digital cameras were only just becoming popular, and my pictures were taken with a now antiquated device that you had to take to a shop to get the film developed.

Also, back then it was winter, whereas this time it will be autumn, so the photographic opportunities will be quite different.

3 Responses to “Last time in Europe”

  1. Stan Says:

    Nice set of ornaments. The one-man-band man looks cheerful, and the knight looks very placid.

    Do you use the mug for coffee, or would you call it a coffee mug even if you didn’t use it?

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    Oh yes, the coffee mug is used just like any other. The only coffee mug I don’t use as a coffee mug is the one I keep by my bed for stressful nights and use as a stomach massaging tool.

    The knight and smoking man live on the shelves above my computer, and the musical instruments below my television. I had a pack of ‘Scottish Castles’ playing cards once, but it didn’t last the decade. Wonder what I’ll be tempted by this time.

  3. Stan Says:

    ‘Wonder what I’ll be tempted by this time.’

    I look forward to finding out! I like objects like this, picked up here and there over the years. Many of mine eventually end up in boxes, where they lie in wait to surprise me years later. A few remain on long-term view.

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