General updates 2011: May


I invented a new dessert and recommend it to others. The main ingredients are yoghurt, mulberries, and chocolate-coated honeycombe. Here’s a photograph [update: replacement photograph uploaded in 2015], followed by details.



  • Yoghurt (I suggest honey flavour, but alternatives are fine).
  • 3 Chocolate-coated honeycomb cubes (link provided for benefit of Americans).
  • Mulberries.
  • Mulberry juice.


  1. Pour a modest amount of yoghurt into the bowl.
  2. Use a short, sharp knife to cut the three honeycomb cubes into quarters, as cleanly as possible.
  3. Press the quartered honeycombe cubes into the yoghurt one by one, chocolate sides facing down.
  4. Carefully spoon mulberries into the bowl, ensuring an even distribution.
  5. Spoon some mulberry juice around the edge of the bowl, framing the contents with a thin dark ring.

In my opinion the balance of flavours (sweet vs sour) and textures (smooth vs rough) is very pleasing.


  • Simulations of possible atmospheres on exoplanet Gliese 581d.
  • I think it’s amazing that we now have commercial products that read brainwaves. (I linked to another example last time.)
  • Filed under “reality = horror”, a disease that takes away your ability to sleep. (Doctor Who fans will see parallels with The Mark of the Rani, except this is genetic. And doesn’t involve timelords.)
  • The fungus is plotting something. It’s been hiding all around us.
  • Andrew West has created an online version of BabelMap, a great tool for checking how good your Unicode coverage is on the Internet.
  • How binocular rivalry is influenced by gossip.
  • I added this attractive astronomical theme to Firefox.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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