General updates 2011: Feb/Mar

[Update: In a 2015 blog review, I’ve decided that the soapbox items here are not of long-term interest, so I’m removing them. They were mostly about the performances I attended at the 2011 Fringe Festival. Also, this was the month that I gave a music mix CD to a friend at work. Anyway, that just leaves the links.]

  • The March 4 edition of 365 Days of Astronomy (Steve Nerlich on the origin of the oceans) was particularly educational, and my favourite so far for 2011.
  • Consider adding the walking cactus to your list of favourite Cambrian animals.
  • Browse pictures of average human faces from around the world. Europe here, Asia here, and click around for more.
  • Long article on memory enhancing techniques. (Must take issue with the bit that says, “with rare exceptions we read each book only once.” One has to be very selective about who to count as “we” to make sense of that.)
  • Long article on domestication, mostly about the famous Russian fox experiment.

[The following links were originally posted on 22 March, but I’ve decided to merge them.]

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