Octopus update

In my Perth blog post, I asked readers for help choosing a name for my new toy octopus.

I chose the name Buncho, inspired by the fruit of Bunchosia argenta (the peanut butter tree). To see why, compare this image, for example, with the octopus’s head (though the fruit is only about one inch from end to end, so the size difference is considerable). It has not escaped my attention that an octopus also has a bunch o’ legs.

A little research reveals that Buncho is also a boys’ name in Japan, and the Japanese word for a type of bird, the Java Sparrow (here’s a video). It is the name of a Japanese company – which sells crayons and other artistry products for children and is named for the bird – and of at least two Japanese artists from history – Tani Buncho (1763-1840) and Ippitsusai Buncho (active 1765-1792). Feel free to add more Buncho-related trivia in the comments.

Buncho joins Hamrose and Popeye in my collection of stuffed toys.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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