Interesting Stuff: Late November 2010

I’ve been busy this weekend, having got my hands on my parents’ collection of thousands of photographs from their recent holiday to the Silk Route and beyond. I plan to make a 2011 calendar out of the Silk Route pictures, and have so far narrowed them down to 46 semifinalists. The next step is to get my parents to write captions for them.

Now here are some interesting links. Mostly astronomy.

  • Bars in galaxies correlate with lack of young stars.
  • The milky way blows enormous bubbles, previously unseen.
  • Mike Brown writes about dwarf planets following the recent discovery that Eris is smaller and denser than expected. He also revisits the Pluto question.
  • Cosmological systems at the time of Galileo. (I’ve read The Sleepwalkers, so the basics are not new to me, but there are nuggets of novel information.)
  • High-speed photography shows that cats lap milk in a surprising way.
  • How do skeptics respond to a psychological study purporting to show that people can sense the future? By taking it seriously, i.e. scrutinising it and trying to replicate it. Richard Wiseman puts his finger on one of the flaws.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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