Parents to visit China, Russia, etc

Super-short blog post to report some important family news.

My parents leave today on a two-month holiday, consisting firstly of a package tour along the Beijing-Moscow Silk Route (visiting China, Kazakhistan, Uzbekistan and Russia by train), and secondly of a private journey in Europe (catching up with friends in Germany and Britain). I will have only intermittent email and SMS contact, and will certainly miss the daily phone conversations I’m used to.

The train journey is with the Captain’s Choice tour company.

We spent yesterday together as a family, enjoying each other’s company for the last time before they return. Among other things we discussed ideas for souvineer gifts they might send/bring back, such as items of archaeological / palaeontological significance, or traditional items including musical instruments, board/tile/card games, and art. The choice they make will be – as it should – a surprise.

[Update: For more information, see my posts about the gifts they sent back, the communication I had with them, some Germany and England photos, and my gallery of their best Silk Route photographs.]

2 Responses to “Parents to visit China, Russia, etc”

  1. elshahawk Says:

    Wow, what an amazing opportunity! Hope they packed warm clothes for the fall in Russia! I’d be a terrible souvenier shopper, never having bought any. And some sales people are pushy, getting in your face and demanding you ‘foreigners’ buy something. Not every stop has a nice shop to wander through and purchase a chintzy snowglobe or fridge magnet from an underpaid sales clerk!

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    True, but I think they’ll handle it. :-) Personally, I’d hesitate to go on a holiday like that, despite being having no doubt that much of it would be wonderful. They have been warned about various hazards such as the quality of toilets and so on, but I’m sure they’ll enjoy the sights if not the smells.

    I’ll probably post updates from time to time, summarising the most interesting news that I hear back.

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