Election day

So I’ve voted in Australia’s 2010 federal election. Here are some details on how I voted, and how that compares with the way I voted in 2007.

I live in the South Australian seat of Boothby, and ranked the candidates in the following order of preference.

  1. Democrats
  2. Greens
  3. Secular Party
  4. Independant Ray McGhee
  5. Labor
  6. Liberal
  7. Liberal Democrats
  8. Family First
  9. The Climate Sceptics

The following illustration shows how that compares with my vote in 2007.

In the Senate, I voted as shown on the illustration below.

And here’s how that compares with my 2007 vote.

[Update: I’ve decided to remove my remarks on the results, originally added to this space. I said nothing insightful.]

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2 Responses to “Election day”

  1. Peter Demain Says:

    Just how did the near-fascists managed to ingratiate with the Liberals, who don’t describe their name at all anymore?


    I’ve a longtime friend in Brisbane who blames mostly apathy, together with nepotism and a receptiveness to influence from religious groups that led to a few particularly hardline people getting in office.

    The population is, and will, pay for the apathetic ignorance in having Internet restrictions closer to China’s among other illiberal, ostensibly moral policy making.

    It’s happened here in the UK but not quite as fast, and not quite as stark in Aus. Whilst in Aus you’ve some very strident, hasty folks bringing in this stuff to ‘stop the terrorists’ or (old chestnut) ‘protect the children’ …in Britain we’ve the same but slightly slower and stalled somewhat since our Coalition got in with a somewhat less authoritarian tendency than Blair/Brown’s New Labour.

    It’s a poor situation for democracy where you’ve a population on the whole further to the left economically and socially liberal, whilst the prevailing orthodoxy in all but the more marginal parties is greatly authoritarian (not conservative since much of this treading is new ground, not retention of ‘old’ values etc) and right-wing.

    On a lighter note, I was shown some Aussie comedy. This short clip series was a laugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA6p3Hkz5Cw

    Pete, editor at dirtygarnet.com

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    Fortunately the Internet filter seems to be dead, as it is hardly possible that Labor will control the Senate. But I put Liberal ahead of Labor in the Senate just to be sure.

    This year the main issues underlying my decision included censorship, the rising influence of fundamentalist religion, and the rising tendency of government noses to be poked in people’s private decisions. My split ranking of the Secular Party and Sex Party in the Senate was a compromise between my thoughts on the message I want to send via the voting statistics, versus who I think would make the best representatives overall.

    In 2007, as I recall, my main issue was the need for a humane policy regarding asylum seekers.

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