Interesting Stuff: Early August 2010

  • The new blogging site Scientopia is worth a browse. I’m keeping one eye on Child’s Play, an interesting new blog about child development research. A little lacking in variety so far, but give it time.
  • Symbiosis between salamanders and algae, the only symbiotic relationship known between a vertebrate and a photosynthetic organism.
  • In dinosaur news, Torosaurus and Triceratops may well be the same animal.
  • I hope Phil Plait’s no-longer-secret project makes it to Australia as quickly as possible.
  • From TED talks: a fascinating development in technological mind-reading.
  • On Australian politics, this article from the Sex Party raises important issues that I think all Australians should bear in mind at the election this month.
  • I’d like to draw your attention to my comments on a blog post about motion sickness, particularly comment #9. I tell an anecdote there that I’ve always considered too miscellaneous to mention here on this blog, but it might interest you. Feel free to take it up in the comments here.

2 Responses to “Interesting Stuff: Early August 2010”

  1. Peter Demain Says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Spotted your comment over on Ed Yong’s blog. I’m a photojournalist in possession of a Grade II geek card; yes that’s quite low (sub-C++/Pascal levels) but I aspire to ascend a grade prior to returning to the lifestream to put it in Final Fantasy terms.

    So er, what ‘book title mashups’ would you want precisely? I don’t get a macro lense for my D300S until I hit age in October. Got a nice 10-20 for landscaping and an all-purpose 18-200 though.

    Would enjoy an e-mail with insights anyhow. If we work something out I’ll be pleased to link to this curiously old fashioned looking blog from the Dirty Garnet sidebar.

    -Pete, editor at

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    Well, evidently you’ve posted this comment on the wrong blog post. It belongs on my Bookmash post, which is here.

    Putting that aside, I find your comment rather perplexing. It’s not up to me to tell you what book title mashups I want, and the question suggests an ignorance of what Internet memes are for. I want to see you (and other people) have fun by compiling your own — that’s the whole point. If you’re not inspired by your own bookshelf, no insights from me are going to help.

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