Interesting Stuff: Early July 2010

Here is my pick for this half of the month:

That last item gives me an excuse to say that in an ideal world, there would be more sexual content on this blog. Not very much, mind you, but ideally I believe sexuality should be treated the same way as any other aspect of life: as a valid topic to talk about and share personal perspectives on. This would not be from an ego-boosting or thrill-seeking perspective, but from a conviction that sharing the diversity of human experience enriches us all.

Unfortunately, culture — and the memory of unpleasant encounters with people who are content to feel threatened by the unfamiliar — keeps me from being as open as I would like.

I would support the establishment of an International Blog About Sex Week, to give those of us who are naturally shy an incentive to be more forthcoming at least once a year…

[UPDATE: I’ve deleted comments, as extensive revisions to this post have reduced their pertinence. In addition, this post originally included my eclipse photograph, now posted separately.]


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