The Outer Hoard

Interesting Stuff: Early May 2010


Some links to things you should check out.

And one more thing. There are still a few days left to vote in the Chatterbox Challenge (until 13 May). The most efficient way to try out all of the candidates is as follows.

  1. Start with chatbot #1, at the URL
  2. Read the bot’s description to decide whether you want to give it a go. (For example, in the case of chatbot #1, you probably don’t, because it has Type: Desktop, not Type: Web-based. You will probably also want to check whether the bot has Chatting Language(s): English.)
  3. If you want to talk to the bot, click on the chatbot homepage to try it out. (In my browser, this automatically opens in a new tab.)
  4. To visit the next bot, increment the number at the end of the URL. (For example, replace “CBOT=1” with “CBOT=2” by typing it in).
  5. Go to step 2, and continue for all 56 bots.

Personally, my favourite is Brother Jerome (CBOT=8), but you should make your own decision.