House tour: the ultimate domestic post

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but it meant getting every room in my house clean and tidy at the same time. This happens about as often as a conjuction of five planets. Which room corresponds to which planet is left as an exercise for the reader.

Below is an animated GIF image, giving you a quick tour through my home. You can think of it as an overview of all my renovations and furniture acquisitions over the last few years. Or you can think of it as a peek into my mind, and try to analyse it psychologically. Or you can look out for interesting objects that raise questions you’d like to ask me. Or you can compose a fictional real estate ad for it. Or you can write a text adventure game based on it. However you choose to think of it, I welcome all comments, no matter how whimsical.

10 Responses to “House tour: the ultimate domestic post”

  1. Julie paradox Says:

    The way your first picture is set makes it look as if you have a Very Posh Chair against that wall.

  2. ElshaHawk Says:

    i want a green apple kitchen! That’s a long way off though. Right now I’ll settle for the other rooms first. Laundry room is blue now. Next comes the floor, appliances, and shelves. :)

  3. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    The kitchen wall colour I used is called Citrus Lime. My friend Pam (who is, sadly, struggling with cancer right now) likes all of my wall colours except that one. I found out from her daughter that it’s similar to a colour from her son’s room in a previous house, and Pam said that’s probably where she developed the prejudice.

    I’ve never heard the phrase “laundry room” before. Is it common in your part of the world? To me, it sounds a lot like saying “kitchen room”, because the room dedicated to the washing of clothes (if that role is not shared by the bathroom) is usually just called the laundry.

    (I know that the word “laundry” can also refer to the clothes, but in my experience only people old enough to be my grandmother use it that way, and when you mention painting it blue I doubt anyone will be genuinely confused.)

    (I replied to Julie’s comment by email.)

  4. ElshaHawk Says:

    Well, here we do our laundry, dry our laundry, fold our laundry. :) Old people here say ‘wash’ as in, “hang out the wash” or “dry the wash”.

    Sometimes its called a utility room because often the water heater and furnace and even a utility sink are located there as well. It’s not a room you show off to your guests. Though my blue color and finished product will be a haven for my dolphin decorations..but I digress.

    Yes, we say laundry room. Apparently we are not as advanced as to abbreviate the phrase! But the Midwest is usually behind the coasts in trends anyway. :P

    Then again, we also have a habit of saying PIN number and VIN number, when the ‘N’ clearly stands for ‘number’ in the acronym. And ATM machine, when the ‘M’ stands for machine. That drives my husband nuts! So I’d say we have a redundancy problem. :)

  5. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    I would hang out the washing, personally.

    The PIN number thing, etc, is the same everywhere. It doesn’t bother me. It may reveal something interesting about how an acronym, once created, can begin to cast off its past and seek freedom as a word in its own right.

    In the animation, you would have seen the two decorative fish on the washing machine – for a better view, see here.

  6. Stan Says:

    Very interesting presentation! What I found most striking were the Dutch angles used throughout. They made me imagine you walking around with your head or the camera at a wild tilt — though this image was superseded by your non-tilting reflection in the window. On several occasions I wanted to press Pause in order to examine some detail or other.

  7. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    I thought the angles worked well for me here, so I used the same technique again. My feeling is that they encourage the viewer to look deeper into the photographs and examine them from an aesthetic rather than a matter-of-fact perspective (as in: yep, that’s a wall, yep, that’s a kitchen, etc).

    You’ll notice that some things have changed since the 2007 post I linked to above. Of these things, some have been covered on the blog before (e.g. the kitchen renovations) while others have been hitherto unrevealed (e.g. the internal doorknobs). That framed painting in the bedroom is on a different wall now, and was omitted from the tour because when the door is open it is partially obscured. Also in the bedroom is a rather nice lightshade that I’ve never photographed because I can only do so when the light is off. Perhaps I should.

    As for pausing, fortunately the tour is short enough that you don’t have to wait long for the picture you were interested in to come around again, and then you can hit your computer’s printscreen key (slightly more tedious on a mac) to capture the frame you want to examine. That’s what I would do.

  8. Stan Says:

    I liked the angles; as you say, they invite the viewer to look in a less automatic way. The colours make a bold variety, more so than one usually finds in a home. When my mum had her house painted, the large living-/dining-room was half yellow, half purple. She was very dubious when it was finished, but I argued its case and she kept the combination for years.

    It wasn’t a strong wish to be able to pause — maybe more a reflex from the pause-and-zoom facility of a DVD player. If the images were high-res, I could always just use my screen-capture program. (Printer doesn’t work, and even if it did I would use it as little as possible.)

  9. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    I’m quite proud of my colour scheme, and though there’s a lot of variety, I think the whole is united by the fact that every room is themed around two colours which are adjacent in the spectrum (except for the bedroom, where the spectrum wraps around). Living on my own, a few bold colours helps to keep me in good spirits.

    I currently work at a local graphic design place, which at its best is fun in the same way that choosing my renovation colours was fun.

    Not sure why you even mention the printer. Have you not used a Windows computer within the last fifteen years or so? The function of the printscreen key is to capture an image of the screen and copy it to the clipboard.

  10. Stan Says:

    Not sure why you even mention the printer.

    Through carelessness!

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