Kitchen challenge

It is now two years since my kitchen was renovated in April 2008. To mark this anniversary, I have a challenge for you.

Below is a B&W photograph taken soon after the renovation was done. Drawers and cupboards are labelled A to U. Your challenge is to guess what I keep in each storage location.

When you’re done, you can visit the original April 2008 blog post to check your answers, and reveal how close you were in the comments. (Changes in storage allocation between 2008 and now are fairly minimal.)


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2 Responses to “Kitchen challenge”

  1. J. Goard Says:

    First-time visitor, from Babel’s Dawn.

    Cupboard quiz was cool, interesting implications. I sucked at many parts, but nailed R-U. Surprised that T-U would be so standard.

    R: basic utensils (knives, forks, spoons)
    S: larger utensils
    T: dish towels
    U: cookbooks

    I would expect party trays at A, F, J or M. K is interesting. Do a lot of entertaining?

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    Thanks for commenting.

    One would, of course, need to collect more datapoints to establish trends. Getting T-U the same is interesting, but probably not remarkable when you break it down and consider the inevitability of coincidences occuring somewhere. I would say T and U are probably the most likely places for towels (proximity to sink), and A, B, T, U the most likely for cookbooks (small spaces for small items).

    I don’t entertain much, no. Would love more guests. But note that J, M, etc are deep drawers, so better for bulky objects. Whereas H, K, N are shallow drawers, so better for flat objects such as trays. It’s about space efficiency. Some other things that are similarly flat go in the same drawer.

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